Guard-Alert: Total Security Solutions

Guard-Alert: Total Security Solutions

Guard-Alert: Total Security Solutions


Quality Assurance

Guard-Alert aims for the highest level of quality service in the safeguarding of our client’s assets. We will ensure that this Quality Policy is maintained in accordance with ISO 9001 – 2015 International Standard requirements.

Guard-Alert Security

Guard-Alert security is the manned guarding division. Recruitment and training are carried out continually and Guard-Alert has a dedicated staff consisting of a Training Manager and Supervisor, a trainer and other supporting staff to carry out this important function.


Armsec is the Guard-Alert armed guard division and it provides services such as Cash in Transit (CIT), armed guarding and escorts, Vehicle Armed escorts, Cash and Bullion Storage facilities, Bullion Transportation, Wage packeting and payouts. The guards are highly trained through intensive courses.

Guard-Alert Electronics

Guard-Alert Electronics (GAE) caters for the dynamic and evolving electronic security needs of industry and home, and strives to pioneer innovation in the installation of features such as 24 hour Rapid Response service, panic alarms, camera surveillance systems, access control systems, electric fence installations and vehicle satellite tracking.


Sectra is the security training company and in all its aspects it is the absolute key to the success of Guard-Alert’s operations. Training is undertaken for guards, dogs and their handlers.   All security personnel within the Guard-Alert security, from the lowest to the highest in rank, are comprehensively trained in security work at Sectra.