SECTRA is the training division.

SECTRA is the training division and is key to Guard-Alert’s operational success. SECTRA is one of the only accredited training schools in Zimbabwe. We offer training courses for guards, dogs and their handlers. All of our security personnel, from the lowest to the highest rank, are comprehensively trained at Sectra and undertake regular refresher courses to ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest trends in the security sector. 

We offer the following courses at Sectra: 

  • Basic security guard course
  • Security officer course
  • Supervision course
  • Dog handling course
  • Firearms and Cash in transit course
  • Undercover course
  • Sector-specific security courses covering mining, hotels and retail.
  • Aggression and obedience training for dogs

In addition to training, Sectra has its own ‘kennel’, where we run a breeding programme to ensure all our dogs are well bred and highly trained, have boarding facilities for domestic dogs and sell nutritious dog meals.