Guard-Alert Armsec

Armsec is the Guard-Alert armed guard division and it provides services such as Cash in Transit (CIT), armed guarding and escorts, Vehicle Armed escorts, Cash and Bullion Storage facilities, Bullion Transportation, Wage packeting and payouts. The guards are highly trained through intensive courses.

Armsec personnel are specially chosen from senior guards within Guard-Alert security. In addition to the basic security guard fitness and discipline courses undertaken additional training includes firearms, cash- in -transit procedures and anti – attack and ambush drills. Guards are also highly trained on how to handle a variety of weapons suitable for the task at hand.

Armsec is Guard-Alert security’s armoured division. It offers comprehensive services which include:

Cash in Transit (CIT)

  • Armed guarding and escorts
  • Vehicle armed escorts
  • Cash and Bullion Storage facilities
  • Bullion Transportation
  • Wage packeting and payouts

A summary of equipment utilised by Armsec is as follows:

  • Specially designed armoured, radio monitored vehicles with reinforced safes and anti-hijack equipment
  • Satellite tracking and emergency warning devices in case of an attack
  • Firearms which include pistols, revolvers, rifles  and shot-guns
  • Cash Containers
  • Cash counting rooms
  • Security Seals- used for additional security and as a means of determining whether or not a container has been tempered with whilst in transit
  • Double Locking Vault
  • Armouries
  • 24 -hour control rooms
  • CCTV Monitoring


Cash in Transit (CIT)

  • Bullion and Valuables transportation
  • Armed guarding and escorts
  • Vehicle Armed escorts
  • Cash and Bullion Storage facilities
  • Wage packeting and payouts