Armsec is the armed guarding and armoured vehicle division.

Armsec is the armed guarding and armoured vehicle division. We specialise in the transportation, handling and storage of cash and other valuables and armed protection services. All our personnel are chosen from the senior and most decorated guards within Guard-Alert Security’s ranks. All the guards undertake vigorous training in firearm handling, armed protection techniques, and cash-in-transit procedures and practice anti-attack and anti-ambush drills.

All Armsec personnel attend training courses at our in-house training centre, SECTRA, one of the few accredited training schools in Zimbabwe. All personnel undertake regular refresher courses to ensure they are always up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

We have one of the largest fleets of specially designed cash-in-transit vehicles in Zimbabwe. All the vehicles are monitored via satellite and fitted with anti-hijack equipment and reinforced steel cash safes. Our fleet includes vehicles that are armoured, all-terrain and unmarked to ensure we can meet any requirement a customer might have. We use specialised equipment such as cash containers, security seals, armouries, double-locking vaults and strong rooms to ensure the safe and secure storage of cash and other valuables whilst in transit and our custody.

We offer comprehensive services which include:

  • Cash in Transit (CIT)
  • Armed guarding and escorts
  • Armed vehicle escorts
  • Cash and Bullion Transport
  • Cash and Bullion Storage facilities
  • Wage packeting and payouts