Closed Circuit Television, more commonly known as CCTV is one of the security solutions offered by Guard Alert Electronics. CCTV allows the owner of the premises to record images by camera and monitors them without necessarily being present physically.  The images can either be viewed via the monitors in real time- as they happen- or post the event by looking at the recorded footage.

CCTV can be used as part of a crime prevention strategy either at home, office premises or even public areas. It works by deterring crime as would be criminals do not like their actions to be recorded. Criminals will know that they can easily be identified by simply viewing the footage of the recording, or they can be detected while committing the crime. Studies have shown that there is less crime recorded in areas which have CCTV.

Guard Alert Electronics takes a personalised approach to satisfying its clients’ electronic security needs. All installations are preceded by a location survey which lays the ground for a System Design and ultimately the actual installation. During the location survey, four key aspects of the location are taken into account: the potential risk, the contents of the area in terms of what needs to be protected,  the type of building and the existing supervision levels. The purpose of the survey is to identify the best placing for the cameras which will capture all relevant images. Selection of the appropriate equipment and the design proposal is determined by whether the images are meant for identification purposes, recognition of the people, detection or just monitoring to see what is going on in a certain area.

Types of Cameras

A range of cameras can be installed at the client’s premises according to the different security requirements.